BE Board:Meeting minutes/2/11/08

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  1. Coordinators
    • BE retreat run
      • 5K, 5$, get tshirt.
    • Doug going to give state of the retreat
    • if you have input for the visiting committee meeting
    • mikhail launching facebook for scientist
    • interview weekend
      • main change- moved poster session.
      • first years responsible for friday night social
  2. Academic
    • feb22 : visit from Kashik Metra (Merck)
      • interviews, recruiting, seminar.
    • Construction on graduate commons got started.
  3. Treasurer
    • Updated budget from amy
  4. Social
    • Interdepartmental Social went well
    • game night too...
  5. Academic:
    • Steve Rosen from Harvard came
    • bring back recent alumni to talk
    • delays.
  6. Community service:
    • scheduled for april and may
  7. Athletics
    • spring sports emails coming up
  8. GSC
    • Green hall closing without any consultation of students
    • New funding opporunities
    • Harvard/MIT COOP elections... applications due at the end of the month- half of board is students!
    • Fund for competitive events- $5000 available, so apply!