BE Board:Meeting minutes/2/02/2005

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  • Date: 2/2/06
  • Location: 56-602
  • Time: 12pm


  • Student Directory 1st draft
    • Dalia is MIA, but there is a draft on the wiki, send comments to Barry or edit the file directly on the wiki, it has sorting potential
    • Once we get the data from Dalia it is pretty easy to just input it
    • We will put in basic student information and then if students want to edit their pages, then they will have to sign up for an account
  • Suitable meeting times for this semester
    • Strategy – send out a couple potential times and get responses from people via email
  • New event fund – Doug is in favor, budget is for 1000 dollars currently

First year rep

  • Suggestion for India food at the study break
  • 007 improvements – need to fix the sofa, contact Mariann
  • Request for Hammocks

Community service chair

  • Bread and Jams – extremely helpful, good turn out, 14 people, lots of fun
  • Suggestions are appreciated
  • Marathon – not signing up because we would need to make a large commitment, too stringent a

commitment, not a casual event

  • Information for individual signup for the marathon is available
  • Idea – charity run or walk


  • Everything is fine with funding, records are matching
  • About half way through funds
  • Social chairs request an update on their funds
  • Request to post data on wiki

Academic representatives

  • Retreat planning
    • Jay is emphasizing poster sessions
    • Three poster sessions
    • Proceeded by two presentation by poster presenters (Grad stud or Post Doc)
    • Need help sorting abstracts and selecting speakers
    • The website is up, Doug email
    • Titles due next Monday, should have received an email from advisor
    • Board will send another email to all students
    • Monday night dinner – designate a very broad topic to start a discussion, objective is to encourage broad discussion on scientific topics, double up topics, topics are currently on the wiki
    • Jay wants feedback – any ideas, need some sort of way to produce feedback
  • Study breaks for 1st years
    • To help students decide on a lab – most students in a lab
    • How to start doing research
    • All students will be invited
    • Thinking about doing this next week
    • More of a seminar approach
    • Probably next Thursday after

Social chairs

  • Retreat planning
    • Factory tours, potato chips, and Ben and Jerry’s
    • Also take equipment to play with on the beach
    • Discounts for the spa and golf at the hotel
    • Two rooms for poker and dance party on Monday night
  • Snowriders ski trip - march 5th, 15 spots
    • bus – $19
    • bus/lift – $65
    • Department discount of fifteen dollars
    • How to deal with limited slots
    • try to coordinate with cars driving up too
  • Feb TGIF
    • Not sure right now, will get back to us

Diversity rep

  • Diversity potluck report
    • went well
    • interesting conversation
  • Inter-lab lunch today
  • Russian cultural lunch coming up next – maybe?

Athletic chairs

  • The shirts, the shirts – they have arrived and are ready to be distributed
  • Email out to sports coordinators, distribute to the people who need them at a BE event
  • Shirts – 68 shirts, 10 are preorders, first and second years will be covered and next fall hopefully
  • Sports – two hockey teams, softball coming , ultimate coming, maybe

UG curiiculum rep

  • BE.320 curriculum chat report – went well

GSC representative

  • No GSC meeting since we last met
  • Anything interesting will be forwarded onto the board

Academic career advising event

  • spring – women’s mentoring event
  • Biology department had career advising over IAP
  • Budget is maxing out
  • Follow up from the retreat discussions, maybe?

Other comments

  • Alumni – try to keep them up to date and encourage them to give money and come back for some crazy reason
  • Transfer to the wiki and dump the old website
  • Add MIT to the banner or add a logo somewhere on the main page on openwetware