BE Board:Meeting minutes/11/09/09

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Minutes - 11/09/09

  1. Coordinators
    • Seminar Attendance/ Lunch Participation
      • Faculty concern over lack of attendance at Thursday seminars, lunches, and BATS
      • remind students they get units
      • ask PI's to encourage lab attendance
      • speaker lunches- good, free food
    • BE Promotional Video
      • Doug would like one like that done by biology dept for outreach/ prospectives
      • Contest for best storyboard
      • more specifics from Doug, money for equipment rental, etc
    • First year rep elections
      • need nominations
    • Diversity rep elections
      • need nominations
    • BATS feedback forms
      • people in favor of the form
      • send email explaining and let Doug and Pete know
      • need pens/ pencils
  2. Social chairs
    • upcoming TGIFs
      • Sam Adams- either Nov 20th or Dec 4th
      • Check on Holiday Party
  3. Treasurer
      • sailing BBQ on this year's budget
  4. Academic representatives
    • ISS Speakers
      • Need help getting speakers- any ideas?
  5. Community service chair
    • Upcoming events
      • Toy Drive- class contest
      • Harpoon xmas town
      • Charles River Conservatory for Spring
  6. Athletic chairs
      • have some fines for forfeits
  7. GSC representative
      • task force on budget cuts
      • new diversity committee
      • supply open access journal articles
  8. Lounge Manager
      • working well, getting more use