BE Board:Meeting minutes/10/15/2007

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BE board Meeting Minutes: October 15, 2007

  1. Web Portal
    • Shiva working on develpoing interweb thing to
    • connect UG, G recent grads with BE grads in industry
    • Industry part of website should be up by january
  2. Social
    • TGIF Friday October 26th
    • Fall Social Friday November 2nd
  3. Treasurer
    • Amy reminds us to email her and give receipts to mariann so that she can keep budget up to date
  4. Academic Rep
    • Survey is online. 23 responses so far. Encourage your lab members and friends.
    • They've sent 3 email invitations to speakers
    • Assemble alumni directory (from Dalia?) to ask ppl ?
  5. Community service
    • Bread and Jams event coming up soonish
    • Plan to do holiday drive
  6. Diversity: Lorenna
    • Fondue-enabled discussion of whether America is a melting pot.
    • submitted proposal for funding to GSO
  7. Athletic
    • We have tons of shirts
    • first year turnout?
  8. GSC
    • Advocacy: BU dental no longer partnering with MIT, but there are talks to get us actual dental coverage.
    • setting up off campus housing website
    • GSC is trying to have more seminars for industry-related stuff.
    • Events-driven funding. you can apply. Avg $500/event.
    • Grad-rat getting re-designed. Hear more about it at the Muddy, every Tuesday 6-8pm (with free food + beer, hear about grad rat) They might even take input on the design (?)