BE Board:Meeting minutes/10/06/2005

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Date: 10/06/2005
Time: 12:00pm
Place: 56-614

Annual Survey

  • Originally next Tuesday to report on Saturday, change to Wednesday
  • Data processing should not be a problem
  • Diana will send out the email to invite people to take the survey, multiple emails

Graduate Program Review

  • Last Friday – Diana and Barry presented a summary of the ten responses, and the results of last year's survey, results are posted on the wiki if anyone is interested
  • Email specific topics to the board and request feedback

Student Awards

  • Recommendation from Doug’s first BATS talk
  • Discussion started on the wiki
  • Some of the awards are feasible, such as posters at the retreat
  • Go back to Doug with a few initial awards and potentially
  • Megan P – awards for TAing
  • Jason – may be easier once the be major is implemented,
  • Can we award faculty? Can we promote things which already exist, can we also do the TAing nomination at institute level
  • Campaign at the institute level for BE professors

Student Directory

  • Wiki feedback seems pretty positive
  • Going to contact the institute about necessary permissions
  • Add wiki page and let people add themselves initially if they choose to – not yet
  • Objective is to have lab contact, year of entering etc…

First-year representative role/elections

  • Reprise what we have discussed about the position last meeting
  • Intend to take nominations after this meeting and arrange elections
  • Nomination by email and then elections will be decided

BE board and BMES Interactions

  • With undergrad major and the undergrad students may need to interact more
  • ASA – confused about the coexistence of BMES and BE board
  • Need to send a letter to clear up the confusion
  • BMES will blanket the undergraduate majors affiliated with all bio related majors
  • BMES want to have a mixer between undergrads and grads
  • Concerns with poor turnout at softball game
  • Let BMES members to coordinate activities with the social chairs


  • Advisor-advisee events
    • Advisee – advisor study break – October 19th if advisors are not caught up in ICSB, move to Oct 18th
  • ISS
    • Industrial seminar – bioethics
    • Steve Tannenbaum requested changing – told to ask other professors
    • Danielle – Zach Shriver, patent law, nature editor scientific publishing
    • Poll people who show up at the seminar -

Social Committee

  • TGIF
    • Friday Oct 28th, indoor BBQ, Halloween theme 11:30- 1:30
    • Need to cross schedule with the ISS
    • Planning a brewery tour with Al for October TGIF – 21st of Oct
    • Harpoon may be an option instead of Sam Adams, preferences?
    • Danielle – harpoon tour, basically just sitting at the bar drinking…
  • Other
    • Contact GSC about the grad ring for BE ring, social event at the muddy, be this fall

First-year dinner evaluation

  • Receipts to Mariann
  • Request from a first year for buffet restaurants in the future

Academic career mentoring events

  • The workshop mentoring events, only one event last year
  • Described on the wiki
  • Discussion page, first meeting on the 17th of October, formal announcement will go out

Community service

  • Weekend day or a weeknight at 5pm?
  • Community Serving
    • October 19th evening
    • Make meals and deliver them to people who are housebound
    • In Roxbury, need to drive there, two cars
  • Can food drive
    • doesn’t necessary require a time commitment
    • class competition
  • Habitat for humanity – 7am-4:30pm, weekend in November, December


  • Interlab Lunch
    • First interlab lunch two days ago
    • Purpose is to get people to get to know each other before trying bigger
  • Caribbean lunch on Nov 17th
  • Diversity meeting later today to decide how else to celebrate the caribean culture
  • December – presentation about being a minority alters the career path


  • Katrina relief – 15,000 dollars to support projects
  • Past a resolution – to review graduate student diversity across campus
  • Want reps to talk about things from single department, reps to help department heads to be able to bring these issues up

IM Sports

  • Order shirts – old design or new design?
  • Competition to redesign IM T-shirts


  • Email Jordan your expenses, Mariann gets the receipt
  • Social – last few were more expensive than the average
  • Jordan will email overall budget to individual groups

UG representative

  • Dinners with grad and undergrad students
  • BE180 and BE109 – course development on the wiki if you are interested in checking out what is going on
  • Short talks from the professors about the new courses being added to the curriculum and how things fit into the overall
  • General talks about course development and education in general
  • Maybe put into open Bats slots, open BE seminar slots
  • Talk to Reshma about incorporating with academic seminars