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BE Board:Francisco Delgado

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Francisco Feijó Delgado

Year: 2007
Track: Bioengineering
Lab: Scott Manalis

Contact Information

Email: feijo
Phone: 617 710 8032
Office address:

General Information

Education and Research

Graduated in Applied Physics from the Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon, Portugal. My main experience in research has been on designing and measuring noise of spin-valve magnetic sensors at INESC-MN, in Lisbon. Prior to coming to MIT I worked for almost a year at Natural Works, a company that does engineering and consultancy in the field of Building Physics. What does this have to do with Biological Engineering? Almost nothing! Except that at INESC-MN, magnetic based biosensors were being developed and I came to like them! I was also briefly linked to a (not yet) start-up company named Haloris Nanotechnologies, in Portugal.

At the moment, my main interests are micro and nanotechnologies applied to biology for developing integrated biosensors.


My likes are mainly traveling, eating, hiking, reading and watching films and TV series (though not at the US, because there are just too many commercials too often!), but I can't summarize everything here. I love wandering around the streets of Lisbon and it is one of my goals here at the US to make as many people as possible addicted to this city. Although I won't be able to subsidize trips, I may be able to help with accommodation! For six years I was a member of the direction of a youth cultural organization in Cascais, Portugal that promoted many cultural activities (such as concert, workshops, forums and sports) for the local community. Back home I occasionally practiced orienteering.