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date Nov. 3rd, 12-2pm

  1. olga will check vEMS site for walker availability.
  2. update: Morss Hall scheduled for Nov3 11-3, pending CAC approval.
  3. Update : CAC approved room.


  1. $400 for morss hall
  2. we get a coordinator from CAC
  3. they do set up and clean up
    • email facilities and them about clean up
      and tell them to put in a coat rack and recycling bins!
  4. reserve the kitchen area (the caterer can get in this way) -- included with rental of Morss Hall.
  5. Might need tables for food setup.


  1. Food by Blue Ribbon (confirmed) and Basil Tree (waiting for confirmation), Basil Tree is the veggie stuff.
  2. get candy (along with beverages) from BJ's or COSTCO


  1. get soda, beer, wine, bottled water from BJ's or COSTCO
  2. olga knows bartenders ($75 for 4 hours) or trained members of dept (cheaper)
  3. Campus police for ~125+
    we usually anticipate 150
  4. Doug has signed for it in the past (done)
  5. Talk to sheila (done)
  6. bracelets: talk to dan darling ? Update: CAC also has bracelets.

Police want detail there, though there are only an estimated 100 people attending. For the form I said that there were TIPS trained grad students who would be attending the bar.

Music, decorations, etc.

  1. need to decide theme - Oriental Trading has inexpensive event decorations
  2. Call A-V, ask for stereo to RCA adaptor, possibly amplifier, depending on Morss Hall's setup

We'll need volunteers to bartend (who are trained), someone at the door to check IDs (attentively, as there will be campus police there), and possibly people to help with serving food -- it's listed as Banquet style, but we didn't pay the caterer to stay and serve food. We could also try to get it changed to "buffet style."


  1. mummy wrap
  2. donut <- what does this mean? - it usually means a toroid pastry or eating said pastry while it is suspended from a string
  3. pie-eating context (whipped cream?)
  4. bingo? with fall theme?
  5. water balloons ??
  6. square dancing ??
  7. some kind of witch hunt? (like a giant game of murder?)
  8. A baking contest
  9. A short "fall trivia" game ?...
  10. Bobbing for apples?


  1. $3500 - ish total
  2. talk to Roni about increasing budget due to number of UGs in dept!!!