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IAP Ethics Series

Please use the name "at" mit "dot" format on this discussion page to avoid getting more spam.

1. Public perspectives on biological engineering
2. Regulating bioengineering and safe-guards for public safety, protecting environment, and national security
3. National science policy and international collaboration
4. Intellectual property in general, probably what in biology is/should be patentable and how patents affect and are implemented in healthcare and internationally

Focused titles for each discussion are under consideration.

Sample e-mail:
Ms. Hammersla,

A group of biological engineering graduate students is trying to develop a bioethics series of talks/discussions for IAP 2008. We were thinking of including intellectual property as the subject of one of these sessions, including perhaps some of the following: what in biology is/should be patentable, how patents affect healthcare, and how intellectual property laws vary internationally.

After reading your bio on the MIT General Counsel webpage, I was wondering if you have any suggestions for possible speakers on this subject and additional resources for us to consult, as well as what other subtopics in intellectual property to consider.

Thank you for your time,

Rachel Miller

People contacted:

  • Ann Hammersla
  • Lita Nelson
  • Jack Turner


  • Jonathan King (Biology Department, MIT)
  • Rosa Pinkus (Center for Bioethics and Health Law, University of Pittsburg)
  • Nicholas Ashford (Technology and Law Program, MIT)
  • Chris Sequeira (MIT student, for MIT Pugwash)
  • Thomas Budinger (Bioengineering, UC Berkeley)



  • Michael Fischer (MIT STS)
  • Kenneth Oye (MIT Political Science)
  • Kenneth Manning (MIT Writing and Humanistic Studies)
  • John Essigmann
  • Mary Leen (Associate Direction, MIT Museum)
  • Jonathan King (Biology Department, MIT) - Laure-Anne already tried him but didn't get a response.