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BE.180 Biological Engineering Programming


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We hope that you enjoy BE.180. 2006 is the first year that the course is being taught. Constructive feedback (critical or otherwise) is expected, welcomed, and will be much appreciated! Please feel free to provide feedback at any point during the semester.

Assignments & Exams

We expect that all assignments will be turned in by 5p on the day they are due. You may discuss assignments with your classmates but we expect that you will submit your own work. Late assignments will be assigned a grade of zero (your lowest assignment grade will be dropped from your final grade). A family crisis or severe illness requiring attention from the infirmary and prohibiting you from all your coursework are acceptable reasons for missing an exam; every effort will be made to accommodate you in these exceptional circumstances. More information regarding academic integrity is available here.


Exam 1: 20%
Exam 2: 20%
Class Participation: 10%
Five (5) programming assignments: 50%
We will drop your lowest assignment grade (that is, your 50% assignment grade will be computed as the average of your best four assignments).