BE.109:Bio-material engineering

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BE.109 Laboratory Fundamentals of Biological Engineering

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Module 4

Instructors: Angela Belcher and Natalie Kuldell

TA: Eileen Higham

In this experimental module you will study an unusual protein, one that allows yeast to bind a metal, gold. Over the next few weeks you will purify yeast based on this binding property, and then you’ll vary some experimental condition to improve the yeast/gold interaction. Using your optimized conditions, you will screen a library of yeast to isolate a new gold-binding strain. The DNA encoding your new gold-binding protein will be sequenced and, with any luck, you’ll elucidate some amino acid requirements for the yeast/metal interaction.

S. cerevisiae shown budding (top) and bound to CdS (bottom)
S. cerevisiae shown budding (top) and bound to CdS (bottom)

Lab handouts

Day 1: Screening library

Day 2: Optimizing panning

Day 3: Rescreening gold binders

Day 4: PCR of gold binding candidates

Day 5: Student presentations

Day 6: Sequence analysis


Note: PDF reprints are provided below within the context of fair use. Please obtain copies from the publisher if appropriate.

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