BCH4160/2011:Notebook/Tiffany Byerly Biochemistry Lab/Lipid Film Lab

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Protocol for Lipid Film Preparation


- CHCl3 - MeOH - Lipid vial (provided by Dr. J. Cannon)


1)Make 8mL of 3:1 CHCl3:MeOH (6mL CHCl3/2mL MeOH)

2)Add 2.5mL of CHCl3:MeOH solution to 1 lipid vial (2 vials total)

3) Take 1mL of lipid/CHCl3:MeOH solution and place in 4mL vial (5 vials total)

4)Dry using rotovap

5)Place vial in desicator overnight

6)Store aliquot in freezer for future labs