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Methyl Red

This experiment was done in order to determine the acid dissociation constant of methyl red indicator.


  • Methyl Red indicator
  • Buffers at various pH levels
  • pH meter
  • UV spectrophotometer


  1. Use premade buffers of various levels (pH 3.82, 4.35, 4.91, 6.05, 6.76, 7.12, and 7.36).
  2. Add 150μL of methyl red to a cuvette. Add 1mL of a particular buffer to that cuvette.
  3. Measure the absorbance over a wide wavelength range using a spectrophotomer.
  4. Repeat for each buffer.
  5. Graph absorbance versus wavelength for each buffer.


Raw Data: File:Buffers raw data.xls

  • Note: Graph below is not normalized.

Buffer Data.jpg


This experiment was done with High Point University student Jigesh Patel.