Asuncion Martinez

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I am a research scientist in the DeLong Lab.

Selected publications:

  • Martinez A, Bradley AS, Waldbauer JR, Summons RE, DeLong EF. 2007. Proteorhodopsin photosystem gene expression enables photophosphorylation in a heterologous host. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 104(13):5590-5.
  • Frigaard NU, Martinez A, Mincer TJ, DeLong EF. 2006.Proteorhodopsin lateral gene transfer between marine planktonic Bacteria and Archaea. Nature. 439(7078):847-50.
  • DeLong EF, Preston CM, Mincer T, Rich V, Hallam SJ, Frigaard NU, Martinez A, Sullivan MB, Edwards R, Brito BR, Chisholm SW, Karl DM. 2006. Community genomics among stratified microbial assemblages in the ocean's interior. Science. 311(5760):496-503.
  • Martinez A, Kolvek SJ, Hopke J, Yip CL, Osburne MS. 2005. Environmental DNA fragment conferring early and increased sporulation and antibiotic production in Streptomyces species. Appl Environ Microbiol.71(3):1638-41.
  • Martinez A, Kolvek SJ, Yip CL, Hopke J, Brown KA, MacNeil IA, Osburne MS. 2004. Genetically modified bacterial strains and novel bacterial artificial chromosome shuttle vectors for constructing environmental libraries and detecting heterologous natural products in multiple expression hosts. Appl Environ Microbiol. 70(4):2452-63.
  • Recht J, Martinez A, Torello S, Kolter R. 2001. Sliding motility and biofilm formation in mycobacteria. Acta Cient Venez. 52 Suppl 1:45-9. Spanish.
  • Recht J, Martinez A, Torello S, Kolter R. 2000. Genetic analysis of sliding motility in Mycobacterium smegmatis. J Bacteriol. 182(15):4348-51.
  • Martinez A, Torello S, Kolter R. 1999. Sliding motility in mycobacteria. J Bacteriol. 181(23):7331-8.
  • Martinez A, Kolter R. 1997. Protection of DNA during oxidative stress by the nonspecific DNA-binding protein Dps. J Bacteriol. 179(16):5188-94.