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Arlot XLG.png
  • LE GOFF Xavier, PhD, Research Associate- CNRS
  • UMR6290-CNRS. Institute of Genetics and Development of Rennes
  • University of Rennes1
  • 2 avenue du Professeur Léon Bernard
  • 35043 RENNES Cedex
  • phone : 33 (0)223 234 527
  • Fax:33(0) 223 234 478.
  • email :


  • 1996 Doctor in Biological Sciences with Honours, University of Rennes 1
  • 2006 Diploma HDR- University of Rennes 1


  • CNRS Research Associate - UMR6290-CNRS -IGDR
  • Team: “Kidney cancer: Molecular Basis of Tumorigenesis”


  • -Prix Bretagne Jeune Chercheur, 2001 “Sciences Biologiques et Médicales”
  • -Médaille de la Ville de Rennes, 2003

Research Interest

  • Cell cycle
  • Cell polarity and cytoskeleton
  • Cellular fate and dynamic distribution of proteins
  • Yeast genetics
  • Cell signalling
  • Cancer
  • I am currently investigating the cellular fate of heterologous proteins expressed in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe. I am particularly interested to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating their dynamic distribution within cells and their partition at time of cell division. I am studying protein-protein interactions and post-translational modifications regulating protein degradation. I am focusing on how protein expression would modify morphogenesis and cell viability (proteotoxicity) in fission yeast. For that purpose, I use and develop genetic tools (conditional mutants, genetically modified yeast strains expressing tagged protein) and cell biology methods (fluorescence live cell imaging, FRAP).