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My job here

I'm a Short-term Research Worker here interested in Structural & Systems Biology. I'm currently working on the TIM barrel [math]\displaystyle{ (\alpha/\beta)8 }[/math] fold - probabaly the most functionally versatile protein scaffold, adopted by enzymes catalyzing a wide variety of reactions. This, & the lack of any substantial sequence homology between the proteins belonging to this fold family motivate work in the direction of deciphering the structural principles common to these proteins.



  • Modeling and simulation of biochemical networks
  • Topological & dynamic properties of robust networks
  • Cancer Biology (see talks n articles below)
  • Structural Biology
  • Molecular Evolution
  • Gene Prediction
Learning my way through...
  • Swarm Intelligence
  • Complex Adaptive Systems
  • Self-organization
  • Chaos & Fractals
  • Biocomplexity
  • Artificial Life
I'm an interested outsider to
  • Computaional Geometry
  • Bioinspired Computing
  • Computational Origami

Talks n Articles

  • An article my colleague and I wrote proposing a theory for caricinogenesis, considering it as an evolving disease.
  • Here's a talk I gave in the lab on Cancer Systems

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I'm a...

Final year student of Ind. Biotechnology (B.Tech) at the Centre for Biotechnology, Anna University, Chennai. At our centre, I worked with Prof. Gautam at the Computational Biology Lab during the final few projects. I joined the Chandra Lab at IISc for working at my under-graduate thesis. My homepage houses more about my bio, scientific inspirations & pursuits. Here's My Resume.


Arjun Krishnan
Short-term Research Worker
c/o Dr. Nagasuma Chandra
Bioinformatics Centre
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore - 560 012

Email: arjun DOT krish AT gmail DOT com (ignore the spaces)
Phone: +91 080 2293 2469

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