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Wellesley College

BISC110/112- Introduction to Cell Biology- Fall 2011


APPENDIX H: Using the Canon LiDE 200 Flatbed Scanner

  1. Launch PhotoStudio from the Dock.
  2. From the File menu select Acquire
  3. Set to Basic Mode.
  4. Select Photo (Color) for chromatograms or select Document (Grayscale) for absorption spectra.
  5. Press Preview.
  6. Set Destination to Image Display.
  7. Adjust the dotted lines (cropping frames) to frame the item of interest only.
  8. Set Output Size to 1024 x 768 pixels.
  9. Press "Invert aspect ratio" icon, if necessary, to improve frame cropping.
  10. Press Scan.
  11. In the ScanGear window, select Retouch and Save the Image, and press OK. The untitled image should appear on the desktop.
  12. Under the File menu, select "Save As..."
  13. In the "Save As..." window, name the image with both your names and save it to the Desktop as a JPG file.
  14. Email the image to yourself and your partner(s) and upload a copy of the image to the lab Sakai site.