Alyssa N Gomes Week 15 Journal

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  • This week was the week leading up to our final presentation and paper due. My updates and notes on this week are as follows:

As we conclude the year, I realize how far we've come from our initial starting point of week 1. This week was the grand finale. We were told to create a final research report covering and outlining the procedures and results of our entire modeling of our wild type and gln3 strain comparison. Tessa and I realized the amount of time that we would have to put into this final presentation and paper, as we would need to combine both of our efforts and data for our respective strains into a story that told the bigger picture. We backtracked fixed the errors that were noted from our week 11 and week 14 feedback, including fixing the ANOVA table, and re-interpreting what the model meant, as we had failed to do that as we re-corrected our model in last week's class. We took into account Professor Dahlquist's comments reflecting on my interpretations and used that to help guide us where we needed to be for our own interpretations. The paper was broken down into several days' work for me, devoting Wednesday from 9pm to 4am to writing the methods. Upon meeting up with Kristen and Kara the next day, Tessa and I were able to get some clarification and re-edit our powerpoints and paper. We changed the title slide of our powerpoint to represent not the question, but the results. We deleted our slides of the graphs that denoted each transcription factor in the model, only leaving the most significant ones. Kara & Kristen informed me that my methods were not meant to be very long (as mine were 11 pages) and I decided to wait until tomorrow to fix and shorten those.

  • As it all comes down to the wire, in the midst of finals and the near-end of the year, this is the second to last night we will be devoting to Biomath and it;s crazy to see how much we've done. So much work has been put into this class and I am so excited to share my results.