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Eric Alm (ejalm)

Francisco Camas (fmcamas)

Sean Clarke (saclarke)

Greg Fournier (g4nier)

Jonathan Friedman (yonatanf)

Sarah Pacocha (spacocha)

Allison Perrotta (aperrott)

Chris Smillie (csmillie)

Mark Smith (mbsmith)

Sonia Timberlake (soniat)

In parentheses is each person's e-mail address


Matt Blackburn - M.S., 2010, now a doctoral student at EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Lawrence David - Ph.D., 2010, now Junior Fellow, Harvard Society of Fellows

Arne Materna - post-doc, now at Pacific Biosciences

Ines Baptista - post-doc, now an academic lab manager

Jesse Shapiro - Ph.D., 2010, now a post-doc in the Sabeti lab, Broad/Harvard

Claudia Bauer - visiting student from University of Konstanz

Christina Cruz - technician, now at Harvard Medical School

Satabhisa Mukhopadhpay - post-doc