Agarose Pads for Microscopy

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Agarose pad mounting protocol for yeast

Step 1 : Align 3 microscope slides and stick lab tape on the 2 external ones (lengthwise).

Step 2: Drop melted agarose (50 to 100µl) on the middle one. Diameter of the pad must be around 1cm diameter.

Step 3: Top the agarose with another clean slide, placed perpendicularly. Apply gentle pressure and allow agarose to solidify.

Step 4: After agarose has solidified, gently remove the top slide by rotating. Agarose is ready to use, and the pad will be less than 500µM thick.

For the complete illustrated protocol follow this link

For full efficiency of the CherryTemp temperature controller, samples must be placed close to the CherryTemp thermalisation chip (<500µm). Therefore, preparing a thin agar pad is a critical step. The following protocol shows how to prepare thin agar pads and how to couple them to the CherryTemp technology.