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The Quantum Northwest Cuvette Holder temperature controller, is able to maintain a specific temperature for your cuvette over the course of an experiment and can also provide a magnetic stirring function, should you need it. This instrumentation is coupled to the Ocean Optics spectrophotometer found in Beeghly 203B and is maintained by Dr. Hartings.


  1. Fill the clear 8 quart/7.5 L bucket 3/4 full with water
  2. Make sure that the aquarium pump is properly connected and inside of the bucket. Plug in the pump.
  3. Plug in the cuvette controller
  4. Make sure the computer is turned on
  5. Open the "Q Blue Wireless Temperature Controller" by clicking its icon on the desktop
  6. Set the Temperature
    1. Set the Control Status to "On"
    2. Input your desired temperature
      1. Click "Change" for the Target Temperature and type in the temperature you want for the experiment
      2. For most nanoparticle syntheses, the temperature is 80C
  7. Set the stirring
    1. If you need stirring, and have a stir bar in your cuvette, set the stirrer to "On"
  8. Shutting down
    1. When data collection is finished and you no longer need to control the cuvette holder perform the following:
      1. Shut down the Q Blue Wireless Software
      2. Unplug the power from the cuvette holder
      3. Unplug the aquarium pump
      4. Slowly remove the pump from the bucket, letting the water fall out of the pump as you do so
      5. Pour the contents of the bucket down the drain