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AKTApurifier UPC
  • AKTApurifier is an automated liquid chromatography system.
  • This is the UPC model which is accompanied by the UPC-900 for combined measurement of UV absorption, pH, and conductivity.
  • This features flow rates up to:

AKTApurifier 100 (P-901): 100 ml/min at pressures up to 10 MPa.

AKTApurifier 10 (P-903): 10 ml/min at pressures up to 25 MPa.

  • This has a compact separation unit. UNICORN control system version 5.10 is the computer running system which includes:

(1) a fraction collector

(2) a monitor for pH and conductivity measurement

Purpose of Use

  • This is used for rapid purification of proteins at low to medium pressures.
  • The system works by passing the sample through different flowpaths with specific affinities for the constituents in the sample.


  • Beeghly 207
  • American University, Washington, DC
  • access to the laboratory is restricted; please contact Dr. Miller, Dr. Hartings or Dr. Fox for access.


For further details and use of the instrument please contact the following faculty:


1. Open Unicorn

2. Go to the System Control Panel and choose Manual

3. Select pump option by setting flow, gradient, buffer, pump wash.

4. Select the flow path by setting the injection valve and pump inlet.

5. Choose from the Frac option of how the fraction is desired to be distributed.

6. Press Execute after all desired parameters have been set.


  • The instrument should be kept indoors and away from dusty atmosphere or close to spraying water.
  • Air inlet should NOT be blocked on the front panels or the outlets on the rear of the instrument.
  • Do not use for in vitro purposes.
  • Modules and components contain high voltage circuits that can give a lethal electric shock.
  • UPC-900 and UV-900 monitor uses high intensity UV light. Do not disassemble while the lamp is on.
  • Appropriate tubing should be used. Tightening of tubes should be ensured.
  • Do not place waste on top of the instrument.
  • Wear appropriate laboratory attire when handling equipment.
  • The system should be flushed with bacteriostatic solution.
  • Pressure settings should match the tubing placed on the instrument.