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Office Address

Eta Isiorho
Advanced Science Research Center 3.352F
New York, NY 10031

Laboratory / Shipping Address

Macromolecular Crystallization Core Facility
ASRC 3.134
85 St Nicholas Terrace
New York, NY 10031

If you want people to ship stuff to the lab via FedEx

  • Get the complete address, phone number, name of expediter, the date they're gonna send it, and the package weight.
  • If the shipment is international, then list each item, quantity, volume, and what container(s) the item is in (e.g., e.coli in 25, 1.5ml tubes). Also include if dry ice is needed because this must be noted on the shipment label.
  • Send the information to Dr. Isiorho:
  • Send the shipping label by email to the expediter; he/she can then affix the label to the envelope/box.

If dry ice is needed, then the expediter will need to

1) affix a "dry ice" label on the box;
2) hand-write the To/From addresses on the box, and
3) write "Dry Ice UN1845" on the box and the amount of dry ice in kg.

Phone & email

Office. (212) 413-3250

Location on Campus

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