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Priority Items

- Standardize format for publications list

- Set up community Google Account, once decision has been reached concerning feedburner

- Fix blog on Ars Synthetica

Other Items

--- Ongoing ---

- Creating cover pages where needed and appropriate

- Keeping in contact with ARC participants about forthcoming publications

- Updating publications, etc, item lists under ARC Document Archives

Completed Items

--- April ---

- Standardized most (if not all) author listings to be Last Name, First Name under publication/document lists

--- March ---

- Assembly of Things, VSS publications updated with most recent works

- Post Chapters from Biosecurity Interventions on Ars Synthetica

- Created items and links for completed publications listed on individual collaboratories for ARC Archive Publications, and updated list of forthcoming items

- Unpublished all ARC posts in Ars Synthetica; remove RSS feeds to ARC collaboratories; removed "On the Assembly of Things" from list of core blogs

- Create "contribute files" on Ars Synthetica for items in Collier & Lakoff's bibliography and in Lakoff's bibliography

- Set up "Additional Resources" page under "Collaboratory Documents" on The Assembly of Things

- Disabled commenting/pinging on all pages (not posts) under collaboratories

--- February ---

- Reconciled documents from individual collaboratories with ARC Docs pages.

- Repaired all links under Pages for BPC collaborative

- Corrected links for certain documents in ARC Archive and Collaborative Document Lists to direct downloads rather than (ARC -> download page -> download)

- Corrected links that pointed to wrong documents or pages under Collaborative Document Lists

- Switched certain documents from their paper format (no coverpage) to their work-in-progress version (with cover page)

What is a Laboratory in the Human Sciences? (collier_what-is-a-lab.pdf --> wp-no1.pdf)
Vital Systems Security (collier_vital-systems.pdf --> wp-no2.pdf)
Pathogens and the Strategy of Preparedness (fearn_pathogens.pdf --> wp-no3.pdf)
Human Practices: Interfacing 3 Modes of Collaboration (interfacing-three-modes.pdf) --> THE WORK OF EQUIPMENT: 3 MODES (workingpaperno10.pdf)

- Combined VSS collaborative's Document List with BPC collaborative's VSS Document List, and updated both pages with the most recent publications list