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AFM Lab Start Guide

Please read this before starting AFM lab.

Sample handling

  • Bring the sample stage ALL THE WAY DOWN when changing samples. (You must practice sample change on the "training AFM" before doing it on your AFM)
  • Always keep samples in a covered case when not in use.
  • Always handle them with tweezers.
  • Use gloves when handling E.coli samples.

Cantilever probe handling

  • Ask an instructor for probe change.
  • Try not to break the cantilever. Always look under stereomicroscope when bringing samples in contact with cantilever (look for it’s reflection on the shiny sample surface)

Laser alignment and focus

  • Needs to be done every time you change probe.
  • It is easier to use flat sample surface to get a nice force curve.

Device setup connections

  • Do NOT change the angle of the column (Do not touch the two screws on the back of AFM)
  • Do not unplug/plug cable connections while the power supply is turned on -it will damage the power supply

Data acquisition

  • Start the new version of matlab (MATLAB R2007b) and change its path to Z:\\course\20\20.309\Students\Labs\AFM and type in ScannerGUI in the command window.