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  • Add secondary ab (anti-mouse) for GAPDH repeat HT4 blot
  • Prepare 2 SDS gels for Co-IP
  • Stop stimulation

Materials & Methods



  • SDS PAGE was prepared as described 01March2010
  • Co-IP samples of 05March2010 & 25Feb2010 were put to gel
    • 40 μL sample for 05March2010 samples
    • 30 μL sample for 25Feb2010 samples
    • 15 μL marker


  • SDS PAGE failed after 3 samples of 25Feb2010 & all 8 samples of 05March2010 were put to gel, due to leakage of samples that mixed them
    • probable cause is stacking gel that hadn't solidified sufficient, perhaps due to APS 10% that had been prepared earlier that day by someone else and that hadn't been stored on ice. However APS is preservable for 1 week @ -20 °C, so half a day @ RT should be possible.



  • DONE Ow..

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