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(Academic Research)
(Academic Research)
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'''2009.09-present Graduate student in Molecular and Cell Biology program in UC.Berkeley'''
'''2009.09-present Graduate student in Molecular and Cell Biology program in UC.Berkeley'''
                Graduate student in Adam Arkin Lab
'''                 Graduate student in Adam Arkin Lab'''
==Awards and Scholarships==
==Awards and Scholarships==

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Contact Info

Wenjun Shao: 09'Biology&Statistics
  • Wenjun Shao
  • Peking University -> UC.Berkeley
  • Room2043 Dorm47 Peking University Beijing 100871 P.R.China (expired)
  • Email me through OpenWetWare

I worked in the CBI at Peking University. I learned about OpenWetWare from From others, and I've joined because I was a member of the iGEM 2008 Peking University Team.


  • 2009, BSc, Biological Science, School of Life Sciences, Peking University
  • 2009, BSc, Statistics (Second Major), School of Mathematics, Peking Univeristy
  • 2009-present, PhD candidate in UC. Berkeley MCB program

Academic Research

2006.04-2009.06 Centre of Bioinformatics, Peking University, China (Advisor: Prof. Liping Wei) Project: The origin and evolution of significant viral protein family

2007.11-2008.11 Peking University iGEM Team, Peking University China-MIT U.S. Project: A genetic circuit to direct evolution of proteins in vivo

2008.04 Paris/Beijing Course-workshop Creating Interdisciplinary Research Projects

  • Discussed membrane reconstruction and potential medical applications of engineered E.coli
  • Co-presentation for 'powerful E.coli' project
  • Discussed modern techniques for the handicap and participated

2008.09-2009.06 Centre of Bioinformatics Peking University, China (Advisor: Prof. Louis Tao)

  • Senior Thesis Project: network modeling and analysis
  • Reviewing the neural circuit model for decision making

2009.09-present Graduate student in Molecular and Cell Biology program in UC.Berkeley Graduate student in Adam Arkin Lab

Awards and Scholarships

2009.08 Reshetko Family Scholarship
2007.02 Peking University Undergraduate Research Endowment from SINO CAPITAL EDUCATION FOUNDATION (SCEF)
2007.09 Peking University May-fourth Scholarship
2006.09 Peking University Kwang-Hua Scholarship
2004.10 1st prizes in China National Mathematics Olympiad in Senior (CNMO)
2004.08 1st prizes in Chinese Girls' Mathematics Olympiad (CGMO)

Extracurricular activities

2008.10.19 Beijing International Marathon-Half Marathon
Successfully finished, achieving a time of 2 hours 4 minutes 15 seconds
2008.08 Volunteer of Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games
2008.05 Selected to EFPL-Summer Research program 30/200 worldwide
2005.10- 2006.07 Students’ Union in School of Life Sciences , Peking University

Research interests

  1. Genome Research
  2. Systems Biology

My interest: Applying bioinformatics, statistical, and other mathematical methods to quantify and establish simple but effective models to understand complex biological system and to provide predictions for hypothesis-driven biological science; marrying bench work to address fundamental medical problems, such as cancer and mental disorder.


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