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Entry title


Synthesizing nanoparticles and testing the effects of different solution on the fibers


Part 1 Synthesizing nanoparticles

-1ml of BSA, 0.5 mL of HAuCl and 8.5 ml of water was placed in to a test tube.

-The test tube was placed in to the oven which was at 70degree celcius for 3 hours. (Concentration of BSA is 30uM and HAuCl is 4.17uM.)

-epi tube 2-1 from 15/11/2011 placed in to the heat block again.

-Epi test tube 1 was prepared. 100ul BSA, 50uL HAuCl4, 850 ul water

-Epi test tube 2 was prepared. 25 uL HAuCl4,50uL BSA, 925 uL water. (with this order)

-Epi test tube 3 was prepared. 50uL BSA, 25 uL HAuCl4, 925 uL water.(with this order)

Part 2 Testing the effects of different solution on the fibers. Fibers are added to 4 different solutions.

-Solution 1 had 1 ml of 1M Tris

-Solution 2 had 1 ml of 6M of NaOH

-Solution 3 had 1 ml DMSO.

-Solution 4 had 1 ml DMSO.


Part A

The large reaction tube= a dark purple color.

Epitube 1:medium pinkish purple color.

Epitube 2:light pinkish purple color

Epitube 3: light pinkish purple color.

Part B

Solution 1 1: fibers did not dissolve.

Solution 2: fibers did not dissolve spontaneously however, fibers dissolved after one week.

Solution 3: fibers dissolved spontaneously. a week later, most of the fibers were dissolved and dark purple solution was left.


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