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FAX: 01223-403548<br>
FAX: 01223-403548<br>
email: Duncan.Odom ^at^ cancer ^dot^ org ^uk^<br>
email: Duncan.Odom ^at^ cancer ^dot^ org ^uk^<br>
[[://science.cancerresearchuk.org/research/loc/cambridge/ccri/odomd/?view=CRI&source=research CRI website]]
[[http://science.cancerresearchuk.org/research/loc/cambridge/ccri/odomd/?view=CRI&source=research CRI website]]
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Odom laboratory

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Duncan Odom
Group Leader
Cancer Research UK
Cambridge Research Institute
Li Ka Shing Centre
Robinson Way, Cambridge,
phone: 01223-404500
FAX: 01223-403548
email: Duncan.Odom ^at^ cancer ^dot^ org ^uk^
[CRI website]