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Enthusiasm is derived from a Greek term that means divinely intoxicated.

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I am computational scientist focusing on the development and application of novel computational techniques in data-intensive research fields, in particular functional genomics and microbial ecology of the human body and open government data in Finland. Computational analysis of human microbial ecology forms the current main focus of my research activity at Laboratory of Microbiology, Wageningen University, Netherlands. Before that, I was employed at Centre of Excellence in Microbial Food Safety Research, Department of Veterinary Bioscience, University of Helsinki, Finland, Adaptive Informatics Research Centre of Excellence, Aalto University, Laboratory of Cytomolecular Genetics, University of Helsinki and as a visiting researcher at European Bioinformatics Institute EBI, Hinxton, UK, developing machine learning approaches for genome- and organism-wide analysis of the human transcriptome, cancer genomics, and cross-species studies. For further information, see the occasional opencomp blog on computational science and a brief biography of my research career.

Research topics

  • Computational science, high-throughput data analysis, statistical machine learning
  • Data integration, probabilistic modeling
  • Functional genomics and microbial ecology in human body
  • Open government data and investigative data journalism
  • Machine Learning Open Source Software