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Machine learning and functional genomics; supervised theses and assignments and participated in organizing seminar and lecture courses in data integration and functional genomics, with the topics varying from state-of-the-art machine learning models to meta-analysis and classical statistics and from human genomics to high-throughput sequencing, cell-biological networks and integration of background information from biomedical community databases to improve statistical inferences based on noisy and high-dimensional genomic observations.

Supervised theses and assignments

  • Screening of functional copy number changes with dependency models. Olli-Pekka Huovilainen, 2010 (M.Sc. thesis; in Finnish).
  • Modeling cancer-associated transcriptional responses in cell-biological networks. Ossi Koivistoinen, 2010 (M.Sc. thesis).
  • Meta-analysis in gene expression studies Maija Nevala, 2008 (B.Sc. thesis; in Finnish)
  • Data fusion in functional genomics: investigating gene expression across leukemia subtypes Jyry Suvilehto, 2007 (B.Sc. thesis; in Finnish)
  • Accelerated Variational Dirichlet Process Gaussian Mixture Models António Gusmão, 2009 (Special assignment)
  • Canonical correlation analysis for studying dependencies in gene expression between man and mouse Atte Saarela, 2007 (special assignment)

Invited lectures

  • 2011, Feb. 9 Microarray analysis. Department of Biochemistry and Food Chemistry, University of Turku.


T-61.5050: High-throughput bioinformatics (2008-2009; course assistant)

T-61.6080: Special course in Bioinformatics (2006-2008; course assistant)

  • 2008: High-throughput sequencing
  • 2007: Prior knowledge and background data in computational inference
  • 2006: Data fusion in bioinformatics