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Contact Info

Jim Cronshaw (an artistic interpretation)
  • Jim Cronshaw
  • University of Sydney
  • School of Chemistry, Building F11, Robinson lab (Rm 528)
  • Camden, NSW, Australia

I'm an honours student in the Todd lab at The University of Sydney. The best place to reach me is by emailing me through gmail ( or unimail ( I'm also on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter


  • 2011, BSc (Chemistry), The University of Sydney
  • 2011, BA (English / Philosophy), The University of Sydney


My current project as an honours student is to synthesise the OSDDMalaria:GSK_Triazolourea_Singleton Triazolourea singleton and the OSDDMalaria:GSK_Amino-thienopyrimidine_Series Amino-thienopyrimidine series so that these two compounds, and their analogues, can be evaluated as antimalarial drugs. All data from this project is open source, meaning that anyone can read what I'm doing and make suggestions as to how it could be done in a better way.

A link to the lab book will be provided shortly. The two aforementioned links in this paragraph link to a summary of what my project entails at the current time. In addition, summaries will be posted at The Synaptic Leap.