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===Lab computing===
===Lab computing===
====Data storage====
*Endy lab [[Endy:Backup_solutions|backup solutions]] page
*[http://itinfo.mit.edu/article.php?id=6628 MIT TSM Backup Service]
**TSM software (free to MIT community per site license)
**Monthly service charge: $7.50 per month per computer
**TSM software is available for Windows, Mac and Linux free from [http://itinfo.mit.edu/product.php?id=7&level=all MIT]
**Backups are stored on one of the four TSM backup servers in building W91
**Manual or Scheduled Backup
**Old versions of current files and deleted files are kept for 30 days
**Need a separate account for each computer to be backed up
*[http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1697,1943502,00.asp A Tale of Two Terabyte NAS Boxes]
*[http://buffalotech.com/buffalo-home.php Buffalo Technology]
*[http://www.buffalotech.co.uk/products/category-detail.php?categoryid=29 Buffalo TeraStation Home]
**Example disk configuration: 4 x 250GB IDE (750GB in RAID5)
**Protocols: FTP, SMB
**USB 2.0 port for external hard drive (backup or additional storage)
**[http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1759,1780692,00.asp Review by PC Magazine]
***Bottom line: Flexible and reliable storage for everyone on your network. Print sharing is a plus, as is expandable USB disk storage.
***Pros: Offers RAID level data protection; easy-to-configure shared and private storage for all workgroup members; print sharing is a plus.
***Cons: Large footprint. No logging or reporting features.
**[http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1697,1917912,00.asp Review by ExtremeTech]
**[http://www.terastation.org/ TeraStation wiki]
*[http://www.buffalotech.co.uk/products/category-detail.php?categoryid=19 Buffalo TeraStation Pro]
**Released in March 2006
**S-ATA drives
*[http://www.infrant.com/products/products.php Infrant ReadyNAS]
*[http://www.infrant.com/products/products_details.php?name=ReadyNAS%20NV ReadyNAS NV]
*[http://www.infrant.com/products/products_details.php?name=ReadyNAS%20NVPlus ReadyNAS NV+]

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Graduate student in Bioinformatics at Northeastern University working in Endy Lab at MIT.

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Semantic Web Ontology for the Registry of Standard Biological Parts.


Mating pheromone response pathway analysis across yeast and related species




Software development

BioBricks aligner - aligns sequence reads (fragments) to Biobrick sequence

Lab computing



Synthetic Biology


  • Biotool2Web: Creating Simple Web Interfaces for Bioinformatics Applications
  • Sedna is an open source XML-native database management system developed from scratch in C/C++ and Scheme
  • Aggregate Data utilizes AJAX-based "sliders" so survey takers can choose anywhere along a spectrum of opinion
  • CHM file viewers for non-Windows platforms
  • Tor: an anonymous Internet communication system
  • Wireshark: network protocol analyzer (successor to Ethereal)
  • Swivel: YouTube for data - visualize and share your data with others

Application servers

  • Whitebeam - open source; applications are written as a set of XML pages that contain embedded JavaScript


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