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More on tributyl-n-phosphate

  • nanoemulsions as potential aminoacylating reagents?
    • [20421727, 18057181, 21763730, 20808862, 17502384]
    • Summary: protease/amino acids based gene encoding using recombinant viral proteins such as vaccinia virus and anthrax (B. anthracis), as seen on tv.
    • protein kinase (EC, calmodulin dependent/specific gene stuff which I don't yet understand.. :)
    • TODO: determine if aminoacylation process of cysteine/glutamate dependent amino acids can induce immunogenic reactions/inhibition of bacterias/virus!
    • more evidences towards orthogonal protein aminoacylation linked cases? Google: mefloquine (malaria vaccine)
      • lipophilic molecule: a substance coated into a lipid-based reagent, thus becoming thermodynamically stable (heat sensitive) and hydrophobic. Reference:
      • Mefloquine enantioselectivity: can be defined as the capacity of the polar molecule to initiate constitutive transformations given its assymetric structure with orthogonal (closest neighbors) molecules. Mefloquine is thus composed of two stereoisomers being the mirror image of each other. Reference: