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Contact Info

Etienne Robillard (an artistic interpretation)

I'm a independent student occupying my past times on researching organic chemistry, molecular biology, and environmental sciences.

I've joined OpenWetWare to allow easy publishing and archiving of my current research topics on the Internet.


  • 1999, College Diploma, Cegep Montmorency, Laval Quebec (Visual Arts)

Research interests

  1. Medicinal and curatives applications of the Cannabis sativa and Curcumin longa plants for chemopreventive and mental depression (Alzheimer disease)
  2. Drosophilia and Xenopus laevis as model organisms to study metabolic regulation of brain-related proteases (Schizophrenia disease)
  3. Humpback whales
  4. Scientific literacy
  5. Risks and perils of synthetic biology (ie bioterrorism, T7 phage lambda, M13K07, TL phage lambda)
  6. chromosomal (chromatin) regulation and epigenetics of Agent Ecoli, a novel chemical warfare agent sprayed in lipid-coated O/W nanoemulsions (TX100 like) on top of unconsentive and disinformed populations.
  7. PC and PHP based (phospholipid-based) protection groups for solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) and custom oligonucleotides design.
  8. phospholipids
  9. Novel piperidine/HCl analogs compounds
  10. lysogens
  11. phosphatase (in particular phosphohistidine transferase), DNA methyltransferase, organic synthesis of electrocompetent peptides, unnatural amino acids (UAA)
  12. Oligonucleotides deprotection groups (carboxilic acids, Fmoc)
  13. genetic toggle switches
  14. liposomes
  15. blue-pink tainted african gold elephants 1.0


  1. User:Etienne Robillard/Notebook/Chemtrails911_notebook: Notebook for studying and investigating the so-called "chemtrails" phenomenon.


  1. Reference 1..10

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