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To conduct the salt test on the porphyrin film.


Porphyrin Salt Test

  1. The porphyrin film was removed from the 2% wt H2SO4 and was placed in the sodium sulfate prepared last class.
  2. The time for the porphyrin film to change from green to pink was recorded. (took
  3. The film was sliced to have the width of the UV-Vis cuvette.
  4. The thickness of the film was measured.
  5. The sliced film was placed in the cuvette and a UV-Vis spectra was taken.
  6. The sliced film was then placed into additional 2% wt H2SO4 until it turned green. (Time to turn green =
  7. Once the film slice had turned green, it was placed into the solution of aluminum sulfate prepared last class.


  • Add data and results here...


  • start time for soaking in sodium sulfate was 1:32