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To continue the porphyrin film salt tests


  1. Remove the porphyrin film from the sodium sulfate solution.
  2. Cut the film to the size of a cuvette
  3. Measure the thickness of the film (2.6 mm)
  4. Take a UV-Vis of the film.
  5. Place the film into 2% wt H2SO4 solution until it turns green
  6. Remove the film from the acid solution and place it in the previously prepared aluminum sulfate solution.


  • Add data and results here...


  • After sitting in the sodium sulfate the whole weekend, the porphyrin film had a light brown color.
  • The porphyrin film was sort of falling apart, broke into 2 pieces one large and one small, we used the larger one
  • High baseline occurs because the crosslinking makes the film not completely transparent