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Hello, I am seniour student in the PFGL at METU, Turkey

Palandöken 2005

I am M.s student in Molecular Bioengineering at METU, I am founder of Sentegen company which is first synthetic biology company in Turkey. I believe science needs new scientific revolutions to make life easy and emerging field of synthetic biology is best candidate for biotechnological revolution. I am interested in synthetic biology applications and also Lab-oh-a-chip devices for molecular biology techniques, and we are designing gene synthesis chips to produce biobricks - raw materials of synthetic garage biology- faster and cheap. I enjoy snowboarding, cycling and writing poem.

Research Interests

  • Molecular Bioengineering
  • Synthetic biology
  • System biology
  • Gene networks
  • Nanobiotechnologies


My undergrad degree is in Middle East Technical University

Useful Things

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