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Current Address

Dr. Axel Schwekendiek
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Biology
University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, IA, 50614

phone: +1 319 273-2456

Who am I?

I have my foundation in plant biochemistry and plant biotechnology with a strong focus on the development of 'value added plants' by genetic engineering. Since I moved to Hohenheim I did a lot of teaching and developed a strong interest in synthetic biology. Although I joined the evaluation panel for projects submitted under the Synthetic Biology initiative of the NEST Pathfinder call of the EU in 2004, I am still looking for a role of plant science in Synthetic Biology. I still have the impression that plant sciences are under represented in the field of Synthetic Biology and I am wondering why.

Beginning with the fall semester 2006, I will be joining the biology faculty of the University of Northern Iowa. I have plans to more engage in Synthetic Biology research and I really hope that I will find ways to emphasize the specific advantages of plants in this endeavour. I very much like the idea of the Wiki and especially that of OpenWetWare. Thanks to everybody who made this possible and to those who contribute to its content.

2000-current: Assistant Professor for Plant Biotechnology, Univ of Hohenheim, Germany
1999-2000: Postdoc Plant Pathology, Iowa State University, Ames, IA
1995-1998: Database Admin and Software Developer, Genoma GmbH, Germany
1994: Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Univ of Marburg, Germany
1991: M.Sc. in Chemistry, Univ. of Marburg, Germany

Research Interests

Schwekendiek Lab

--Axel 08:34, 22 March 2006 (EST)