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Contact Info

Andrew S. Gilder (an artistic interpretation)

I'm a graduate student in the Hebert Lab at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.


  • 2007, B.S., Millsaps College

Research interests

  1. Control of gene transcription and splicing
  2. Nuclear body dynamics
  3. Epigenetics
  4. DNA damage response


Coilin participates in the suppression of RNA polymerase I in response to cisplatin induced DNA damage. Mol Biol Cell. 2011 April 1; Vol. 22(7):1070-1079, PMID: 21289084 [1]

Cover art: [2]

Cajal body formation correlates with differential coilin phosphorylation in primary and transformed cell lines. J Cell Sci. 2009 Jun 1;122(Pt 11):1872-81. PMID: 19435804 [3]