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Questions to ask the fluorometer Engineer on Friday, Aug 3

See if our plate reader has the ability to measure what you want to measure.

  • What are the classes of measurement? Can it do time-resolved fluorometry + Absorbance?
  • Delay time-resolve - 24 hour experiment; evaporation of solution over long-time courses?!
  • Temperature-regulation?
  • How do we subtract background values from data and convert from absorbance to OD600?

Talk about using the plate reader and creating protocols.

  • Excitation filters and Emission filters for GFP, acGFP and DsRed-Express?
  • Any manufacturer protocols for plate reader usage?
  • Well plate rows and columns? How is data arranged sequentially with the wells?
  • What kind of plates you need to order and use for our experiments?
  • Lamp energy and Noise signal ratios??

Talk about processing data

  • Export format?
  • How to export data from fluorometer?
  • Built-in data analysis tools?
  • Technical Support.