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Alexander Wong

Faculty of Natural Sciences
Imperial College London
South Kensington, SW7
London, UK

Alexander is currently a 2nd year microbiology undergraduate at imperial college.

E-mail: alexander.wong[AT]

Personal Task List

  • Prepare for Modelling Tutorial
    • Presentation on Modelling
    • Practical Lab Session on Computer Modelling
  • Tech Team Responsibilities

Contributions to the Imperial iGEM'07 Team

  • Finished Guide for Engineers
  • Presentations
    • Central Dogma of Molecular Biology
    • σ Factor + Introduction to P. syringae TTSS
    • Proposal for the Characterization of Hrp Regulation System
    • Proposal for "Cell by Date"
  • Established contact with Imperial Hrp Reasearch Team
  • Coordinated with advisors for the ordering of sequence constructs from GeneART
  • Browsed registry for potential chassis characterization (E. coli)
  • Brainstormed for ideas


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