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#change directory from your home to soft
#change directory from your home to soft
cd ~/data/ex1
cd ~/data/ex1
#go to home dir
cd data/ex1
#this will connect to your virtual machine as user vagrant
#this will connect to your virtual machine as user vagrant

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This is Readme for first set of Linux excercises.

=Task 1.2.1=
Since we can not ssh to other server outside, we have to use what we have: your vagrant virtual machine;

#change directory from your home to soft
cd ~/data/ex1

#go to home dir

cd data/ex1

#this will connect to your virtual machine as user vagrant
ssh localhost

#when asked for password, just type: vagrant
#it prints:
#Welcome to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.2.0-23-generic x86_64)

#now you are logged again as vagrant, but moved automaticaly to your home directory
#Q1: how do you check it?

#to finish being logged via ssh:

=Task 1.2.3=
#Create few files using touch command:

touch file1.txt

touch file2_long_name.dat

#list the directory content

=Task 1.2.4==
#check were you are right now in the diretory structure

#jumpt one directory above
cd ..

#explore what is at the / of the file system
cd /

#jump back to the directory you have been before
cd -

#or if you are lost:

#there is a directory there called dir_tree
#one of the subdirectories contains file secret_file
Q: what is the secret?
=Task 1.2.5=
#go to /home/vagrant/data/ex1/dir_tree/work3
# jump to your /home/vagrant/data/ directory using 3 different ways (absolute, combination of ../, special sign ~)

=Task 1.2.6=
#go to /home/vagrant/data/ex1/perm_dir
# list files with permissions (ls -l) in this directory
Q1: change permissions for file6.txt. What is the first line?

Q2: there are two script files ending with sh. To execute them try:

What is the difference?
Q3: make my_script2.sh executable by changing permissions

+Task 1.2.7=
Q1:copy file2.txt to file2.1.txt

Q2: rename file2.1.txt to file2.1.NEW.txt

Q3: copy file6.txt to student1 directory

Q4: go to student1 directory. Link both *sh scripts so these appear as soft links in this directory

=Task 1.2.8=
cd /home/vagrant/data/ex1/file_content

#displays content of the file screen by screen
more myfile04.txt 

#same as above but you can scroll back
less myfile04.txt 

#displays just the first 10 top lines of the file
head myfile04.txt 

#displays the first 100 lines 
head -100 myfile04.txt 

#displays just the last 10 lines of the file
tail myfile04.txt  

#displays  the last 100 lines of the file
tail -100 myfile04.txt  

wc myfile04.txt #newline, word, and byte counts for the file

# just count the lines of the file
wc -l myfile04.txt 

=task 1.2.9=
Q1: gzip file1.gtf
Q2: go to student2 directory, untar the tar filelocated there
Q3: go to student3 directory (in ..), create gzipped tar from 3 files located there

=task 1.2.10=
cd /home/vagrant/data/ex1/checksums

Q1: there are 3 gzipped files there. Which ones are identical?


=Task 1.2.11=
#goto /home/vagrant/data/ex2/pattern

#display the number of .txt files in this directory
ls *.txt | wc -l 

#we create a new file listing all the names of m*.txt files, one name per line
ls f*.txt > list_of_txt_files_starting_with_f.fof 

#checking what is inside
more list_of_txt_files_starting_with_f.fof