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What is the point of the vector barcode? Is it the same as (or a replacement for) the CDS barcode? Endy 13:06, 2 February 2006 (EST)

  • The vector barcode is designed to allow the user to "read" the name of the vector whenever they sequence a barcode containing plasmid with a verification primer (VF2 or VR). Currently, our vectors are indistinguishable from one another during sequencing. Some people have complained about this. I figured that the easiest way to create a plasmid barcode was to actually directly encode the name of the plasmid in the DNA. I am trying to make this code sufficiently general that any plasmid name could be encoded and that even system names could be encoded if we choose in the future. Thus, the plasmid barcode serves a slightly different purpose from the CDS barcode in that it is not necessarily designed to be an easy way to diagnose whether a piece of DNA has BioBricks CDSs in it. I welcome suggestions about a better way to do this. --RS