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= Tumor Killing Bacterium Devices =
= Tumor Killing Bacterium Devices =

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Tumor Killing Bacterium Devices

Contacts: J. Christopher Anderson, Adam Paul Arkin, Christopher Voigt

Environmental Sensors

Endogeneous promoters sensitive to the different environments may be discovered by microarray analysis, or RIVET-like analysis of cells grown in the appropriate environments. These will need spec sheets made for them. However, how one makes pluggable, dynamic range tunable, synthetic systems for sensing is still and open question.




  • Tumor Antigen Touch Sensor



Immune Shielding

  • K-Capsule Engineering

Growth Control

  • Iron Uptake Engineering

Cell Attachment/Invasion

  • Invasin Engineering

Cell Motility in the Extra- and Intracellular Environments

Synthesis and Delivery of Therapeutics

  • Type III Secretion Engineering


Metabolic Auxotrophies

  • DAP Engineering

Programmed Suicide Systems

Chemical Sensitivities

Mutational Control


Multi-input Genetic Logic Gates

  • Genetic Two-Input AND

Memory Systems

  • Invertible Switch Engineering

Signal Pathway Logic

  • Signaling Scaffold Engineering



  • Expressible anoxic fluorophors
  • molecular beacons for transcript monitoring