Studier Lysate Prep

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How to make a lysate from a plaque preparation.


  1. Add 5mL fresh overnight (BL21 if wild-type T7) into 15 mL of T broth (125 mL flask)
  2. Add a single plaque to above
  3. Shake at 30°C until lysis is visually apparent
  4. As soon as lysis is observed and appears to be complete, add 1g of NaCL to the flask and dissolve by shaking.
    • Studier has observed that leaving released phage in the cell debris causes a reduction in the kinetics of phage binding (personal communication). It becomes difficult to get good time courses in this case. It is recommended when making a large stock that will be used in timing experiments, that you check that most of your phage adsorb to the cell in the first 30 seconds.


Studier, FW Virology 39:562 (1969) Link: Pubmed