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(Suggested Times for Fall Quarter)
(Suggested Times for Fall Quarter)
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<br>Brent - W11-12
<br>Brent - W11-12
<br> Isis - MW 9-11
<br> Isis - MW 9-11
<br> Mike - MW 2-3:30pm
<br> Mike - MW 2-3:30pm, Th 10am
<br>Suggested times:
<br>Suggested times:

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General Group Meeting Schedule

Date Time Location Research Presentation
28-May 1 pm 299 Ryan
6-Jun 2:30 pm 101 Joe
14-Jun 2:30 pm 300 David / Chao
20-Jun 2:30 pm 101 Drew K
3-Jul 2:00 pm 300 Kathy
11-Jul 2:00 pm 300 Jay
18-Jul 2:00 pm 300 Remus
1-Aug 2:00 pm 300 Mike S
8-Aug 2:00 pm 300 Melina
15-Aug 2:00 pm 300 Tammy, Clayton
17-Aug 12:00 pm 300 Katie
22-Aug 2:00 pm 300 Sohini
29-Aug 2:00 pm 300 cancelled (Melina's qual exam during this time)
5-Sep 2:00 pm 300 Stephanie Y, Rachel
12-Sep 2:00 pm 299 Christopher, SoL (CDS)
19-Sep 2:00 pm TBD Stephanie G

On deck: Isis, Yen-Hsiang, Brent, Kate, Eric H, Andy, Leo, Ryan

How It Works

Group meeting will be held at the indicated time and room in Y2E2. Research presentations should be on the order of 45-60 minutes. A projector will be available in the room, but it is the responsibility of the presenter to bring the appropriate adapter and cord. The current plan is to skip group meeting food. Note, that the initial SOL ('state of the lab') address will be given by the PI to kick off the research year.

Suggested Times for Fall Quarter

Melina - TuWTh 3-4pm
Yen-Hsiang - MWF 11a-12p; TuTh 9-11a (not sure)
Stephanie - W 3-5pm
Brent - W11-12
Isis - MW 9-11
Mike - MW 2-3:30pm, Th 10am

Suggested times:
Tu 2 pm
W 10 am, 1 pm
Th 10 am

Post Doc Interview Schedule

Lei (Stanley) Qi, Wed April 11

Time Location Who
9:40 am 269A Christina
10:00 am 299 research presentation
11:00 am red atrium Stephanie, Isis
11:30 am red atrium Ryan
12:00 pm lunch
1:00 pm red atrium Kate, Mike
1:30 pm red atrium Drew K, Leo
2:00 pm red atrium Josh
2:30 pm red atrium Kathy
3:00 pm red atrium Andy
3:30 pm red atrium Jay
4:00 pm red atrium Yen-Hsiang
5:00 pm dinner Christina

Google Calendar

You can access this Google calendar with the account smolketc@aol.com (ask someone for the password) and sign up to receive a reminder for a meeting, edit details of that meeting if schedule changes, etc. You can also link it to your own google calendar, and you can link that to your calendar on your computer or iPhone etc. Ask me if you want to know how. -Leo

<html> <iframe src="http://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=mk4bv7d7l9bbn8vf6ope1bq9io%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=America/Los_Angeles" style="border: 0" width="800" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> </html>