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| Centrifuge filter devices || B15Sh2
| Centrifuge filter devices || B15Sh2
| Cuvettes (plastic) || B15D4
| Cuvettes, plastic || B15D4
| Cuvettes, Electroporation  || B30D5
| Dialysis Cassette (Slide-A-Lyzer) || B20
| Dialysis Cassette (Slide-A-Lyzer) || B20
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| Pipettes (25mL) || B21C
| Pipettes (25mL) || B21C
| Pulser Cuvettes || B30D5
| Ruler, flexible || B17D4
| Ruler, flexible || B17D4

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This is a comprehensive list of everything in the lab, organized by function.

so far just compiling where everything is. the list will eventually be pruned down to more essentials, and other items might be rearranged. -Kelsic



All disposable items.

Item Location
Alarm Timers B22C
Autoclave bags B22 LHS
Autoclave tape B27D4
Beakers (50mL, 10mL) (new) B22C
BioHazard sharps holder B22C
Centrifuge filter devices B15Sh2
Cuvettes, plastic B15D4
Cuvettes, Electroporation B30D5
Dialysis Cassette (Slide-A-Lyzer) B20
Flasks, Falcon (225cm^2) B24Sh(1,2,3)
Flasks, plastic w/ lids B18D5
Freezer Boxes B23D(4,5)
Flint Strikers B27D4
Gloves B30Sh(1,2,3)
Gloves, powder free latex free (small) B17D4
Inoculation Loops B27D5
Kimwipes B27D5
Kits (Gel Extraction, PCR purification, plasmidPrep, Yeast RNA purification) B27Sh4
Kits (DNAeasy Tissue, Mammalian total RNA miniprep, SV genomic DNA purification) B20D5
Latex Tubing B27Sh4
Liquid Plummer Gel Si10C
Medic Bottle, Square (125, 250mL) B28 LHS
Needles, Precision Glide B27Sh1
Parafilm B27D5, B23D4
PCR Beads (PureTaq Ready-to-go) B23Sh3
pH buffer solutions B22C
Phaselock heavy gel B23Sh6
Pippetter Boxes (empty) B22LHS, B20C
Pipette Tips (autoclaved) B29(C,D4,D5)
Pipette Tip Holders (new) B28 LHS
Pipette Tip Holders (old) Si10C
Pippet Tips (1000uL) B24C
Pipette Tips (250uL) Si9C, B27D(4,5), B24D5
Pipette Tips (20uL) B27C
Pipette Tips (RNase Free) (1000, 250, 20uL) B23Sh(1,2,3)
Pipettes, Transfer B29Sh3
Pipettes (1mL) B21C
Pipettes (5mL) B17C
Pipettes (10mL) B17C
Pipettes (25mL) B21C
Ruler, flexible B17D4
Stacking device, cell B19
Strainers, nylon cell (BD Falcon) B20C
Shovel, chemical (small) B22C
Spin Columns (NucAway) B23Sh6, B20D3
Syringe (5, 10mL) B27Sh1
Syringe Filters, Acrodisc B28
T4 DNA ligase B23Sh4
Tape, lab B27D4
Test Tubes (new) B29Sh1
Test Tube tops (new) B29Sh1, B28
Test Tube racks (new) B23D4
Tissue culture flasks B19
Tissue grinder B20D4
Towel, roll paper (bench size) B12Sh1
Tube bins (new) B29Sh2
Tubes, centrifuge (500mL) B19
Tubes, Falcon (14mL) B23C
Tubes, Falcon (45mL) B27C, B17Sh(1,2)
Tubes, Freezer storage B28C
Tubes, Microcentrifuge (1.5mL, .5mL) B28C
Tubes, PCR (.2mL) Lab Phone S3
Tubes, round bottom (5mL) B20C
Tweezers B22C
Urea B12Sh2
Velveteen Squares B27D3
Vials, Target (RNase free) B17D4
Weighing paper, trays B22C
Wells, 96 (Greiner-BioOne master block) S8
Wells, 96 (FACS cell culture cluster sample collection) S8
Wells, 96 (Tissue culture plates) B19
Wells, 96 PCR plates B12D3
Well Lids, 96 (Greiner-BioOne master block) S8
Well Lids, 96 (mat) B27C

Common Stocks

Any prepared solutions or materials.

Item Location
Glass Beads B17D5
Toothpicks B17D5


Item Location Last Serviced
Gas Bench Valves Si10C
Desiccator, Vacuum B28
NANOpure water purifier Back Room Kelsic 11/9/06
NANOpure 0.2 micron filters B28 RHS
NANOpure sanitizing soln. B28 RHS
NANOpure UV lamp B28 RHS
NPE solutions (shutdown, Iso Diluent, cleaning) B31, B30C
Printer Cartidges B30C


Item Location
2-prong power adapter, parallel port, phone cord B27Sh1
Bandaids Lab phone, S2
centrifuge 500mL conical adapters B19
Chemical / Spill cleanup kit Lab phone S4
First Aid Kit Lab phone, S1
Motherboard Boxes and Dell components B30C
plastic tubing and accessories B14D4
Sheet metal parts, dissassembled S7C
Window maker for polyimide coated capillaries + capillary wire B17D4
Capillary cartridge coolant B17Sh4