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Jeroen Saeij

Administrative Assistant

Darlene McGurl

Graduate Students

Diana Lu (Biology)
Emily Rosowski (Biology)
Wendy Niedelman (Biology)
Ninghan Yang (Microbiology)
Kimberly Cirelli (Microbiology)

Post Docs

Kirk Jensen
Mariane Bandeira Melo
Daniel Gold
Musa Hassan
Ana Camejo

Lab Technician

Lindsay Julien

Visiting Graduate Students


Quynh Nguyen


Research Scientists
Cynthia Cordeiro
Post-Doctoral Fellows
Graduate Students
Renee McKell (now, business Intern at Edimer Pharmaceuticals)
Visiting Graduate Students
Rogier Gaiser
Lara Cornel
Yiding Wang
Erwan Boedec (France: Ecole supérieure de biotechnologie Strasbourg, now graduate student in Florence Niedergang's group at Institut Chochin, Inserm, France)
Joris Sprokholt

Lab Technicians
UROP Students
Lauren Rodda (now, graduate student UCSF)
Stephanie Lin (now, Rhodes Scholar, Oxford University)
MSRP students
Markeiya Polite (now, ASPH/CDC Fellow at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Oscar Sosa (now, MIT Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution joint program in Oceanography/Applied Ocean Science and Engineering). Watch a video of Oscar here:
Brittany Castagna
Monique Richards
Amgen Scholars
Lauren Rodda
Kenneth Hu (now, graduate student Stanford University)
Carolina De La Puente
Kiva McFetridge