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THE STEM (Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope) FACILITY

       in the Biology Deprtment at Brookhaven National Laboratory

The STEM used to be an NIH Research Resource and as such was available to outside users with appropriate projects free of charge.

Since we lost our STEM grant, we have been operating for the past year, halftime, on a Fee-for-Service basis. We have had twenty-five outside users (outside BNL) this year (2008). It was a particularly productive year for measuring the mass per length (M/L) of filaments (amyloid, prions, and DNA) to determine their structure and composition.

The microscope is now running with our new computer system. A new, complete, PCMass program will soon be on our ftp site.

Our (current) web page (see it (reload or refresh) does not include 2007-8 Projects and Publications, but details about the Fee-for-Service are on it. A brief summary is below:


Details on our web page include:

  • Services Provided
  • Guarantee


Biology’s Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM)

Per Grid* – non-proprietary…………………………..$391.02**

Minimum of 3 grids per specimen


Our web page (link given above) has essentially all the useful information about the facility and its use.

We will try to use this page for transient information, such as announcements and "news".


Potential users (from January on) should contact either Joe or Beth. Probably e-mail is better than the telephone. Joe and Beth will keep the User Program running, on a half-time basis.


Martha Simon and Frank Kito retired January 2, 2009. Jim Hainfeld "retired" from BNL at the end of February, 2009.


No annual STEM/EM Workshop was held in 2008 at the end of the RapiData Crystallography course.


Was held Sept. 11-13, 2007. It was organized by Dr. James Hainfeld.