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We intend to use this space to seed, prioritize and sustain a list of 'Top 10 gaps' in our practice of synthetic biology for this group - and others - to consider, discuss, and work towards addressing. We ideally hope to produce from the discussions documented and materials collected here a series of simple, digestible co-authored papers summarizing each gap, current practices, open questions, and recommendations for moving forward.

Gaps to Mind

Please use this space to suggest and describe new or existing gaps, needs or issues in our practice of synthetic biology. Please add any relevant information, articles, contacts or other resources.

Gap Seed List

All these to be refined. Edit ruthlessly. Add comments, references, examples - anything that will be helpful!

Emergence of DIY & Implications for Safety, Security

  • Should there be similar expectations of responsible conduct between institutional and non-institutional actors?

Preparedness for Syn Bio (-Labeled) Accidents

Developing Trust in a World of Profits and Secrets

  • How can we be ambassadors for biosafety when we do not have knowledge of research ongoing at private companies and in secure govt labs?

Ownership, Sharing and Innovation - Property Rights Frameworks for Synthetic Biology

  • At what level in the abstraction hierarchy of envisioned biological designs should we instill property rights?

Educating and Inspiring Leadership in Pratices

  • How savy should we expect researchers to be wrt the broader context of technology developments?
  • How do deal with generational transfer of knowledge and immigration from a broad array of disciplines?

Testing Engineered Biological Designs in the 'Real World'

  • What are appropriate risk assessment frameworks for intentional & unintentional environmental release?
  • How do we approach regulation of cross-cutting technology platforms spanning multiple disjointed regulatory bodies set primarily by application area?
  • Can we develop experimental systems for assessing safety?
  • e.g. rE.Coli

Economic Forecasting for Synthetic Biology Technology Developments

  • What are our near-term vs long-term deliverables and how does syn bio fit into biotechnology developments at large?

Establishing Meaningful Dialogues with Diverse Stakeholders

  • How can companies anticipate and respond proactively to public/soceital sentiments on biotechnology?
  • e.g. ETC group letter to SB5

How can deliver reliable information about synthetic biology to the publics?

Risk Governance